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Vikan Trampolines: Best Bounce For Sure!

Goooood Morning, Saskatoon!

Looking for a quality, safe trampoline fun for your lovely Saskatoon backyard? Well, you found us!

High quality, best selling trampolines and trampoline accessories make for safe backyard fun for the whole family. Vikan trampolines, Trampoline Enclosures, and Parts are all here at The Trampoline Shop.

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pick up your Vikan Trampoline & Enclosure at the Vitran Express Depot in Saskatoon:

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7K 0W9, Canada


Our Vision

Since our company's founding we have entered a new millennium, and trampoline has become an official Olympic sport. But our vision remains the same: to provide the best value trampoline for your family, and maintain 100% customer satisfaction.



You won't need it -- our trampolines are weatherproof, durable, and built to last. Every Vikan trampoline has a full 100% Warranty for 5-years on all trampoline parts, and is backed by Vikan's 30-year history.


Service Area

We sell trampolines all across Canada and the USA. We've shipped to Kelowna,Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Kitchener, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax, Saskatoon, Regina, Vancouver, Victoria, Prince George, Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Montana, Nevada, Colorado - to name a few. Don't forget about our 1/2 shipping special on trampoline purchases.


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