Like value?

Vikan trampolines are extremely durable and weather resistant — they’re built to be left outside, uncovered, in all weather, no cover required. You can expect your Vikan trampoline to last 20 years, and we guarantee every one of them.

Is round better?

The Vikan perfectly round design provides a better, larger, safer jumping area for backyard family use. Our 14ft trampoline diameter gives the bouncer more space, length, width, square footage, and jumping area – by any measurement it provides a bigger, safer space compared to typical rectangular trampolines. Vikan’s equally-spaced springs and perfectly round tramploine frame allow uniform spring stretch and frame stress, resulting in a smooth, comfortable bounce with a natural tendency to work the jumper toward the center of the mat.

Want a good bounce?

Vikan trampoline jumping mats are meticulously crafted in the USA of heavy duty polypropylene fabric, using a thicker, more open weave than the competition. This allows for more air flow and less air resistance. That translates to superior, softer, smoother bounce, which allows jumpers better control and performance. A more textured finish minimizes slipping — they’re not even slippery when wet. And the open weave means more sunlight gets through, so the grass really will be greener under a Vikan trampoline.

Got weight?

Our trampoline mats are reinforced with 10 rows of heavy duty stitching and galvanized triangle rings. We use UV-resistant threads for a longer, maintenance-free life. That means our trampolines can withstand 440 lbs. of weight through many years of jumping, while the competition can only handle 200 lbs.

Our frames have good bones:

Vikan frames and legs are made of thick, heavy-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel tubing. That means they’ll resist rust and corrosion, chipping and scratching. They’ll be strong and durable. Some trampoline makers, let’s call them “The Others,” use thin muffler pipe stock that’s bound to bend, twist, or break. Our 4-piece rail system is stable quiet and won’t squeak like “The Others.” Our frames can handle a hefty 440 lbs. Theirs? Just 200 lbs. Need to cut the grass? Vikan frames are easy to move around the yard. Tool challenged? Our trampolines need no nuts, bolts or tools to assemble. “The Others” may require screws, bolts, hardware, or even duct tape at the joints.

Pads – the unsung heroes:

Never jump on a trampoline without trampoline pads. Pads are often neglected and underrated by manufacturers, but not on our watch. Pads cover the frame and springs, and are needed to protect the jumper from potential injury, so they’ve got to stay secure, and not be subject to blowing off in the wind. Vikan pads feature closed-cell high density shock-absorbent foam, reducing the possibility of frame or spring impact injuries. The pads absorb the shock but they don’t take on water, because the covering is made of rip-stop UV marine vinyl that lasts 10 years outside, and looks great season after season.

Springs that can take the heat:

The connection between the trampoline springs and mat border handles the most stress. That’s why we choose materials and fabrication techniques that help our trampolines resist chafing and wear from jumping and the elements. The trampoline spring manufacturer we’ve been using for more than 30 years supplies us with rust and corrosion free hot dipped pre-galvanized steel wire springs that are heavy-duty load rated, ensuring against overstretching. They’re so good we supply our Vikan Techno Jumbo springs to national and international competitions.

Trampoline Safety is #1

These days, children spend a lot of time inside playing computer games and watching TV. Trampolines provide wholesome backyard family fun and fitness, and when used properly, they are far less dangerous than many sports and other activities, and can add a healthy balance to our lives.

Service Area

We sell trampolines all across Canada and the USA. We’ve shipped to Kelowna,Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Kitchener, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax, Saskatoon, Regina, Vancouver, Victoria, Prince George, Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Montana, Nevada, Colorado – to name a few.