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Take a Break!

From The Experts
In recent research at Western University, a new study in 2017 has shown that just 10 minutes of moderate physical activity can have immediate benefits on the brain. The study conducted showed that just after 10 minutes of exercise, reaction times were heightened and people experienced up to a 14% increase in cognitive function. That being said, a 10 minute bounce might be the best solution to that built up stress about the hefty exam that you procrastinated studying for that’s in the next few days…perhaps?

At Vikan trampolines, we understand how busy people can get with constant work, various obligations, simply being a parent, and of course how overwhelming exam season can be. Although no matter how busy you get, it’s important to give yourself a break!

Take A 10-minute Bounce
So take a break from the books, and refresh your mind with a quick 10 minute bounce on your backyard Vikan trampoline! Based on personal and countless stories from Vikan owners, a quick bounce right before you go to write a test can ease a lot of anxiety surrounding the ‘test’ and boost your mood, so you can focus on the real task at hand.

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