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Safety First

FUN is always a priority, but it’s never fun once someone gets hurt without a doubt. So to avoid some unwanted tears, here’s some quick and easy Vikan safety tips! One At A Time Although it may seem fun to go with a few friends or with mom or dad, but this can be more […]

Watch Them Grow

As parents we want to do everything we can to provide our kids with what they need to live healthy, happy lives. A trampoline can not only provide ultimate outdoor fun for your child, but a variety of health benefits and a boost to help ease the stresses of school. Confidence Bouncing on a trampoline […]

Join the Vikan Family

At Vikan Trampolines, we value and represent the old school ability to “talk to a real person”. We make it accessible for you to simply buy online through our clear steps as we guide you through the various options. Although some of our customers need a little more information…so, call! We are always delighted to […]

Take a Break!

From The Experts In recent research at Western University, a new study in 2017 has shown that just 10 minutes of moderate physical activity can have immediate benefits on the brain. The study conducted showed that just after 10 minutes of exercise, reaction times were heightened and people experienced up to a 14% increase in […]