How it all began

What a place to start…kicker for the Ottawa Rough Riders, Toronto Argonauts and BC Lions! Ivan MacMillan was the youngest player in the Canadian Football League. This early love of sports and athleticism made him a natural to build a company focused on the sport and the family fun of trampolines.


In 1981, Ivan MacMillan founded Freedom Sports Limited/Vikan Trampolines with enthusiastic support and encouragement from members of the Shasta Trampoline Team of New Westminster, British Columbia. Over the years, the association with the Shasta team has played an important role in product development, research, quality, safety and education.

Olympic Trampolines

Ivan went on to manage the Canadian National Trampoline Team and took them to the World Trampoline Championships. Now, we have entered a new millennium and trampoline has become an official Olympic sport. But our vision remains the same: to provide the best value trampoline for your family, and maintain 100% customer satisfaction.

What every single one of our trampolines offer you


We ship all across Canada and the USA.


Shipping cost is dependent on location and typically ranges from $100-$200 USD/CAD.

Credit Cards accepted

Credit Cards (Visa & MasterCard), cheques, cash & EFT bank deposit transfers.

Money Back Guarantee

Every Vikan trampoline comes with a Money Back Guarantee. Receive a 100% Refund up to one month, or a 75% refund up to 1 year. Shipping & handling charges are exempt.


Talk to a real person & get quick satisfactory responses to all your questions or concerns.

Bonus Offer

Thank you for your order and to show our appreciation we will help with the freight costs by paying 1/2 of the actual shipping charges.

Browse, Shop and Have Fun.

Call Devin, the Trampoline Man, with all your questions.


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